Intro to R & Python for Social Science Research (POLSCI 514, Instructor):
  • Course Overview: This course introduced software and programming tools necessary for social science research and statistical methods. The design of the course, assignments, and quizzes were all my own. The class was taught using a flipped classroom model. I found instructional videos from MOOCs and YouTube tutorials for students to watch before class and reserved class time for review, questions, and exercises. In the course I taught basic Unix/BASH, R, Python programming as well as practical skills such as version control (git), how to read software documentation, how to debug, troubleshoot, etc.
  • Course Materials: Course materials can be found on Github. They include weekly R lecture notes and a presentation on moving from R to Python.
  • Course Syllabus
China's Evolution Under Communism (Graduate Student Instructor for Mary Gallagher):
  • Course Overview: This course covered the history and politics of modern China, from the late Qing Dynasty to the present.
  • All Course Eval Comments:

    • "Blake was a great instructor for this class and was well versed in the subject matter. He always encouraged discussion and questions from his students."
    • "Blake's section really complemented the lecture well because while we covered a lot of material in lecture, Blake's section ensure we got the timeline of events down, and explained in detail difficult events. Blake was an amazing GSI."
    • "Blake is a terrific GSI, extremely knowledgeable, and overall a very interesting person."
    • "Always brought in relevant examples that tied to themes we learned in lecture!"
    • "This is one of the best class I have ever taken. I am increasingly curious about this topic. I have learnt a lot and the lecturer as well as the TA did an excellent job. Thank you for this semester !!"
    • "I was impressed with the quality of instruction in this course. The structure and pace was engaging."
    • "Blake is chill."
    • "Good."
    • "good"

Statistical Learning Workshop (Student Coordinator with Diogo Ferrari):